The NEPTIS® NaF is a small synthesizer for the production of isotopes which only require purification to be produced, such as NaF and Ammonia. When the process only requires the purification of the ions [18F]fluorides, already produced in the cyclotron target, this simple system can recover and formulate it.

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simple molecules synthesizer Neptis NaF
simple molecules synthesizer Neptis NaF

NEPTIS® NaF is a single 5 stopcocks manifold machine which can quickly run this 3 steps process:


the target is unloaded directly on the purification cartridge


using the syringe driver, the cartridge is rinsed to remove impurities


the final compound is eluted to give the final bulk solution

Current Virtual Synthesizer® Applications

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  •  [18F]NaF
  • [18F]Ammonia

Actuator Configuration

1 ramp of 5 pneumatic 3-positions actuators

Synthesizer Dimensions

W x H x D:

215 x 245 x 330 mm

8,5 x 9,7 x 13 in

Weight : 10.5 Kg / 23 Lbs

As the process is very simple, the cassette contains a minimum of accessories and connections. Unlike other machines which require the installation of a complete kit, here only the useful components are used. This reduces manufacturing costs as well as the risk of errors.

Yield is considered as quantitative. Given the small size of the machine, the sequence is perfectly optimized to save significant time.

The reconditioning of the purification cartridge as well as the rinsing of the manifold allows performing several consecutive runs without changing the cassette.

A nice tool to have in the laboratory to free other synthesizers when production of [18F]NaF is required.

The NaF synthesizer may also be used for the production of [13N]ammonia.