ORA understands that customer support before, during and after sales is important to your success which in turn allows you to provide the best service for your patients. With this in mind, ORA is fully and continually engaged to discuss your needs throughout the purchasing process. From the start, we will work together to ensure that the correct choice of radiosynthesizer is proposed taking into account your site requirements, layout, size and any limitations into consideration. Having chosen the desired product(s), the commercial and technical teams will make sure that the ordering and delivery process runs smoothly and that pre-installation site readiness is achieved.


Installation, testing and training for the radiochemistry modules will be carried out by our highly qualified engineers according to standard operating procedures (SOPs) that have been written under ORA’s Quality Management System as required by the awarded ISO13485 certification. All aspects of installation, testing and training are fully recorded and the resulting documentation format has been organized to easily fit into your own local GMP quality system.

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Following the warranty period (minimum 1 year), to suit your needs, maintenance of your PET synthesizer can be covered by various types of Service Level Agreements (SLA). Regular in-house and ORA provided annual maintenance under an SLA will keep chemistry yields to an optimal level and manufacturing uptime as expected. All software upgrades and remote support is free for all customers under an SLA. The Gold SLA covers the full system, including yearly maintenance and one emergency visit. The Silver SLA consists of a yearly maintenance and the Bronze SLA covers software with free replacement of computer hardware if necessary.

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Dedicated customer support

Fundamentally, we believe that to grow a great product, customer support is key. With this in mind our customers receive excellent dedicated customer support, keeping your needs at the forefront of every interaction. You are the reason we are here, you are our advocates and your input allows us to deliver a competitive advantage. After each site maintenance visit, a customer survey (ISO13485) is done which gives real time feedback to keep services improved. Phone and remote on-line support are always available where 95% of issues can be resolved.

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Remote and on-line support

Although ORA headquarters are based in Belgium, there are a number of trained sales and technical engineer support hubs across the continents (USA, Japan, Australia, Asia, South America) providing the same high quality service.

Spare parts

All possible spare parts can be shipped overnight worldwide, from our Belgium’s warehouse. Stocks of specific parts are also located in USA, Japan, China, and Australia.

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Tracerlab Mx and Other

Before the launch of “The Neptis project”, ORA acquired a strong knowledge and technical experience on the Tracerlab Mx, for new molecules development even with HPLC purification, for maintenance and troubleshooting.

For more than 15 years, major pharmaceutical groups have trusted ORA for the maintenance of their Tracerlab MX machines, due to the high quality service and knowledge offered, and also for the large availability of spare parts. The End of Life of Tracerlab Mx has been declared recently, but ORA is still able to provide any spare parts and support, to keep your Mx running in perfect shape.

On the shelf: syringe drivers, radioactivity detectors, manifold pneumatic actuators, heater, valves, pinch valves, vacuum pump, vacuum switch sensor…, and the most wanted electronic boards such as CPU board (Allen Bradley SLC500/04 1747-L541), 32 outputs boards (Allen Bradley 1747-OB32E) and analogic input boards (Allen Bradley 1747-NT4) are available, new, and pre-tested for full satisfaction.

A new building project is to come, as to offer a dedicated storage surface, allowing ORA to help any customer with non-Neptis synthesizers spare parts. ORA has started by supplying spare parts for GE Tracerlab Mx, we are soon willing to provide spare parts to every customer.

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