Speed up your research and take the quickest route to commercial production

When the time comes to test the labelling of a newly synthesized precursor, the excitement and need for speedy results are of importance as they are often the conclusion of many years of hard work in the organic chemistry laboratory! In order to accomplish fast screening of the labelling conditions (temperature, solvent, precursor concentration, duration, ….) in minimum time the NEPTIS® xSeed™ chemistry module is the best option for you.

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ora neptis xseed machine synthesizer
ora neptis xseed machine synthesizer

ORA uses the xSeed™ module in its research laboratory for all new development work. Thanks to its automated stand-alone clean up system, the xSeed™ module allows execution of up to four consecutive runs of different sequences without having to open the hot cell. Testing all the drying and labelling parameters in this way, by significantly cutting the development time to an unmatchable short “time” is now possible.

Optimization of reaction parameters, such as dead volumes, resistance to radioactivity, size of the reactor, chemical sampling, chemical and radioactive waste management are all required improvements to shorten drug development time.

Actuator Configuration

4 ramps of 5 pneumatic 3-positions actuators

Synthesizer Dimensions

W x H x D:

560 x 420 x 410 mm

22 x 16,5 x 16,1 in

Weight : 38 Kg / 84 Lbs

Synthesizer Features

The xSeed™ has all the basic features of a full option synthesizer; allowing for isotope management,  isotope preparation,  labelling,  post labelling chemistry,  HPLC purification and SPE purification.

Hardware comprises of:

  • 20 rotating actuators
  • 3 syringe drivers
  • 6 radioactivity detectors
  • HPLC injection
  • Reformulation
  • 2 reactor ovens
  • Reactor sleeve to accommodate smaller reaction vials
  • Same control software as for all other Neptis modules
  • Neptis Designer

A true stand-alone system

The automated cleaning system allows several labelling tests to be conducted in a row without the need for operator intervention. This gives you the opportunity to gain time on research and on your workforce. It can also accomplish the reconditioning of cartridges.

Supplementary Accessories

The isocratic HPLC pump can be replaced by a quaternary pump, operation and control integrated into the software.

A new type of reactor oven equipped with a Peltier oven gives a range of temperatures from 0°C to 150°C.

Freedom to operate

The xSeed™ comes with an accessory pack to design and construct your own NON-disposable kit for testing purposes. This avoids the need to purchase and modify expensive off the shelf cassettes in the first instance and gives you the opportunity to test a variety of configurations as required. When a potential candidate has been discovered, direct transfer of the developed chemistry sequences to ORA’s kit based NEPTIS® synthesizers is easily achieved without the need for any further adjustments. Once again, saving time and money by providing a quicker route to pharmaceutical production.

Innovative Synthesizer

All the rotating actuators use the compressed air WNE® technology. All the valves are connected using a new freshly patented connection system, no washer, no thread, no ferrules, only compression. It can withstand up to 6 bars of pressure (liquid or gas) and is extremely easy to maintain. The choice of component material allows resistance to most chemicals.