The NEPTIS® range of chemistry modules (synthesizers) will meet all your current and future needs for manufacturing PET diagnostic and/or theranostic radiotracers.

NEPTIS® synthesizer
optimizes your production

Superior chemistry coupled with extensive pre-synthesis hardware diagnostics are the fundamentals for reliable, reproducible and robust results. Furthermore, the ability to use non-proprietary disposable hardware/cassette kits, provides you with an additional competitive edge.

NEPTIS® synthesizer
makes your life easy

Recent trends in the development of new PET diagnostic and theranostic tracers require more complex chemistries. This in turn necessitates unlimited flexibility for the fluid pathway design. The patented WNE® 3-position pneumatic actuator system is an effective solution for this by removing all constraints on the fluid pathway design.

NEPTIS® synthesizer
covers your future needs for new compounds

The open software design platform provides you with the capability of creating an unlimited number of radiopharmaceuticals. NEPTIS® allows you to switch easily between different radiotracers, install new ones, or fine-tune your existing synthesis sequences.

NEPTIS® Selector

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  • [18F]FDG
  • [18F]NaF
  • [18F]FLT
  • [18F]FMISO
  • [18F]Acetate
  • [18F]Choline
  • [18F]FET
  • [18F]FES
  • [18F]SFB
  • [18F]FDGal
  • [18F]-L-DOPA
  • [18F]PSMA 1007
  • [68Ga]DOTANOC
  • [68Ga]DOTATOC
  • [68Ga]DOTATATE
  • [68Ga]PSMA HBED
  • [177Lu]

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Documentation Package

In accordance with ORAs’ Quality Management System (QMS) under ISO 13485, each module is delivered with a folder containing individual standard operating procedures (SOPs) – protocols and reports for Pre-installation guide, Installation (IQ), Testing (OQ), Re-testing, Maintenance and individual radiotracer production SOPs. These distinct SOPs and forms can easily be inserted into your local QMS folders for cGMP compliance.